Blueberry Jam

Blueberry Jam

Mild fresh blueberry extra jam, astonishingly tasty, a delight of flavour and colour. Hand made in an artisanal way using whole fruits, in order to guarantee you to always enjoy its unique texture and the original pure taste of dark blueberries. Enjoy it as it is, even if you might risk to finish the whole jar on one go!! or as secret ingredient for your sweet salted creations.

Colour and appearance: Tempting deep bluish colour, with soft whole blueberries.


Available in 160g/5,64oz and 290g/10,23oz

Ripe black blueberry.
Every 100g of this delicious extra jam contains 80g of fresh fruit allowing us to make the most out of the natural sugar contained in the fruit, and only needing to add an exact amount of ecologic superior quality sugar cane.

Our jams are 100% natural, hand made in an artisanal way and FREE FROM COLORINGS AND PRESERVATIVES.

CAUTIONS: Do not leave this product or its package unguarded in front of those who love design. They might not be able to control themselves!