GOLD, SILVER, BRONZE and a SPECIAL MENTION to our Top Jams at “The World’s Original Marmalade Awards 2017”

Our artisanal top jams turned out for the world most important Jam Citrus Festival March 17, 18 and 19, “THE WORLD’S ORIGINAL MARMALADE AWARDS 2017”, and got Gold Medal, Silver Medal, Double Bronze Medal and a special mention at the award ceremony of this XI Edition of the International Jam Citrus Festival Dalemain 2017.

LoRUSSo took part under the category artisanal jam companies at this important international awards competition, and being awarded three of our types of artisanal jam as the best jams: “Lady Bitter Orange”, “Lady Orange” and “Mandarino Imperial” with FOUR MEDALS AND A SPECIAL MENTION at the following categories:

Best jam Gold Medal to our artisanal jam “Lady Bitter Orange” at the category (low sugar content) ellaborated with ecogical oranges from Sevilla. Silver and Bronze Medal to our artisanal jam “Mandarino Imperial” at the category (citrus jam and low sugar content respectively), ellaborated with ecological mandarin from Valle del Andarax (Almería). Bronze Medal for our artisanal jam “Lady Orange” at the category (citrus jam) and a special mention to “Lady Orange” aswell at the caregory (low sugar content), ellaborated equally with ecological oranges from Valle del Andarax.

Podium mermeladas artesanas lorusso oro, plata y bronce

Mermeladas artesanas obtienen un oro, una plata y dos bronces en Dalemain, Inglaterra

Mermeladas artesanas en la Mansión DalemainWhat seems notable regarding this International Citrus Festival holded at North England is that it is a very prestigious tradition in England, due to the important prestige that the Committee of Experts has, gathered at the historical Mansion Dalemain (important house-palace from the XIV Century, fabulous mansion that meets each year the reception of the awarded and the award ceremony of Prizes and Medals Dalemain 2017.

The Committee of experts has been composed by members of the prestigious London establishment “Fortnum and Mason” company born at 1707 by William Fortnum y Hugh Mason dedicated to the retail of luxury products, among other members of the Committee.

Mermeladas artesanas LoRUSSo con el jurado británicoDalemain mermeladas artesanas

The members of the Committee have selected and awarded among all the artisan jams gathered at the competition more than 3000 types of artisanal jam during this 2017 edition, coming from different nationalities, countries and continents, and tasted their colour, texture, taste and flavour with a maximum of 20 points. The star of the competition has been without any doubt the bitter orange, due probably to the fact this jam is consumed at half of the british homes. Because of that, this type of jam has been the most valued and appreciated by the experts, and Top jam LADY BITTER ORANGE from LoRUSSo obtained 20 points from the Committee, and was awarded with GOLD MEDAL AND GOLD SEAL AT DALEMAIN 2017 AWARDS.

Mermeladas artesanas lorusso

Appart from the prize-giving ceremony, that was the 17,  LoRUSSo came aswell to the Citrus Fair Dalemain 2017, that was meanwhile being celebrated at Penrith (Cumbria-North England). Fair in which we had an own stand where all the assistants could taste our awarded artisanal top jams aswell as buy them, all that during a festive day that met thousands of people, at the most important Citrus Festival of England.

Mermeladas artesanas LoRUSSo en el Festival de Penrith

Festival mermeladas artesanas lorusso en Inglaterra

Mermeladas artesamas en el Festival de la Naranja, Inglaterra

It is a true pleasure for us in LoRUSSo being awarded with five prizes, medals and mentions gave from a prestigious Committee at Dalemain 2017 Awards, and for three years with the five Gold Medals, Silver and double Bronze Medal, and a special mention, aswell as for the five Gold Seals, Silver and Double Bronze, that will appear in all of our artisanal top jam pots of bitter orange, sweet orange and artisanal mandarin from LoRUSSo.

We thank so much the members of the Committee for that awards, aswell as the organizers of Dalemain 2017 Awards and Citrus Festival Dalemain 2017, for the privilege that means to us representing the best artisanal citrus jams, aswell as for being part of the winners at this edition of Dalemain 2017 Awards and Citrus Festival Dalemain 2017.

Mermeladas Artesanas LoRUSSo premiadas en Inglaterra