2 New MEDALS for our Handmade Organic Jams

What a joy!! We start the year 2020 by adding to our medal collection 2 new MEDALS for our organic handmade jams, in the International Competition held in one of our countries of origin, Italy, The “International Taste Awards 2020”, where high quality food and drink products from all over the world participate.

  • SILVER MEDAL, as an EXCELLENT PRODUCT for our NEW Sweet Pepper Sauce “Pepper Rock Love”
  • BRONZE MEDAL, as a DELICIOUS PRODUCT for our Strawberry Jam “Locura di Fragole”

L’International Taste Awards” is the first international competition, held in Italy, which is open to all quality food and drink products. Inspired by true passion and focused on the world of food and wine, it has set itself the ambitious task of selecting, supporting and promoting the work of the best manufacturers, artisan producers and farmers from around the world.

What is this competition about? It aims to highlight the good, the excellence, the best in absolute terms of the vast and varied world of food and drink, regardless of the size or reputation of the company, evaluating all the fundamental aspects in judging a product (visual evaluation, olfactory taste), the absence of defects and its balance, the pleasure it can offer, as well as the quality of the ingredients and production techniques, without taking into account any aspect of the packaging on sale.

The International Taste Awards offer a unique opportunity to compare our products with those of our most famous, renowned and respected competitors. It involves unparalleled professionals, technicians and impartiality. The evaluation is made thanks to the quality of the jury, formed for the first time in the world, and unlike all other international competitions, by leading food and beverage tasters, with the participation of numerous sommeliers, chefs, pastry chefs, barmen, food, wine and gourmet enthusiasts.

All products in the competition are subject to a rigorous evaluation procedure, where they are carefully blindly tested, divided into panels of four to twelve judges, evaluating them on pennies, according to the evaluation form. In addition to evaluating, according to the fact sheet, each Panel will give valuable indications to the manufacturer on how and where to work to improve the product itself.

Winning a medal in the main competition, or the coveted judge’s award, or ranking in the Top 50, in this prestigious competition guarantees significant and prestigious visibility for both the company and its products.

And up there, Italy, traveled our organic handmade Strawberry Jam “Locura di Fragole” and our New Sweet Pepper Sauce “Pepper Rock Love”, worthy of 2 new medals. We are very happy and grateful for these new awards.

We will continue working with effort, illusion and always under the objective of the excellence, to offer you healthy and quality products.