LoRUSSo artisan jams won two gold medals and a silver one in “THE WORLD’S ORIGINAL MARMALADE AWARDS 2018”, United Kingdom

“The World’s Original Marmalade Awards” founded in 2005, became the most important event internationally related to the marmalade’s world. It is there where our artisan jams were rewarded with two gold medals and a silver one.

The event is celebrated annually in March, in the historic Dalemain Mansion, in norther England, where contestants from everywhere around the world send their best citrus marmalades. In this edition, more than 30 countries have been represented, including Taiwan, Japan, Canada, Brazil, Lebanon and Australia. The event raises thousands of pounds annually, which are allocated for the charitable organization ‘Hospice at Home Carlisle and North Lakeland’.

This event and its International Citrus Marmalades Festival, celebrated in norther England, are such a big deal since both its Festival and its jury or committee of experts have a great standing in the English tradition. The members of the jury get together to deliberate in the impressive stately house of the Dalemain Mansion, an exceptional setting and enclosure where the awards are celebrated every year. It was even visited by Queen Elizabeth II and Charles, Prince of Wales, where they could get some of their most favorite marmalades.

In this edition, the jury of experts of the awards was formed by members of the prestigious London establishment, “Fortnum and Mason”, a luxury product retailer established in 1707 by William Fortnum and Hugh Mason. A jury of executives of important companies of British artisan jams also took part in this edition, such as “Tiptree”, established in 1885, and “Thursday Cottage” with more than 50 years of experience, and whose products are all over the world.

The panel of members and expert of the jury assessed all the artisan jams participating in the contest, tasting a total of approximately 3.000 in this 2018 edition. A few days before the event, they also valued the different jars of all the artisan jams, from different nationalities, countries and continents.

The amber color, texture, flavor and aroma of orange, lemons, tangerines, grapefruit, yuzu and other citrus fruits of the marmalades are evaluated according to a maximum score of 20 points in total, which gets the gold medal.

The star of the awards was without any doubt the bitter orange variety, an excellence English symbol that is consumed by more than half of British homes, and this modality was the one which the jury appreciated the most.

Our artisan gourmet jams took part in the prize award ceremony celebrated on March 16th Friday night, which was held by the ambassador of Japan in United Kingdom, D. Koji Tsuruoka, on the occasion of organizing the first international festival-ceremony of marmalades that will be celebrated in the land of the rising sun next year 2019, sponsored by the Dalemain Mansion and “The World´s Original Marmalade Awards” as the most important marmalade contest of the world.

In this edition, the awards achieved by LoRUSSo for its artisan jams where:

  • GOLD MEDAL for our bitter orange artisan marmalade called “Lady Bitter Orange”, in the category of “Sevillian’s bitter orange marmalade, with low added-sugar”.
  • GOLD MEDAL for our orange artisan marmalade called “Lady Orange”, in the category of “Citrus marmalade with low added-sugar”.
  • SILVER MEDAL for our mandarin artisan marmalade called “Mandarino Imperial” in the category of “Other citrus marmalades”.

It is a greatest luxury for LoRUSSo to achieve these awards, medals and recognitions given by the exceptional jury of the prestigious Dalemain Awards 2018, whose quality signatures will be stamped in all our bitter orange, orange and tangerine artisan gourmet jam jars.

We would like to thank the members of the jury for all these recognitions, just as the organizers of the Dalemain Awards 2018, for giving us the privilege of being part of the winners of this edition 2018 and being awarded as one of the best citrus jams in the world.

The raw material is without a doubt a primordial thing to obtain all these high-quality standards. Without it, it would not have been possible to achieve all these prestigious awards. We would like to thank all the small farmers from “Valle del Andarax” in Almeria, and from the orchards in Sevilla, with whom we work and who provide us with the best Mediterranean bitter oranges, oranges and mandarines to elaborate our artisan jams, thanks to their exacting organic farming, added to their manual and delicate gathering, as the best fruits require, to achieve the category of “Superior Extra Quality”.