Our web and gourmet online store awarded with the ANUARIA 2016 Selection Award

Our website lorussofood.com and our online store lorussofood.com/store for the promotion and sale of gourmet products online of our brand, has received the ANUARIA 2016 Award for the best web, as well as online and / or virtual store..

The ANUARIA Awards are considered to be the best and greatest graphic design awards in Spain and Portugal, and have become, by excellence, a benchmark of quality within the design sector in the Iberian peninsula. Its jury is formed entirely by expert designers who belong to the most outstanding professional associations of the professional scene, making these awards have more and more importance and impact in the market.

The awards ceremony will be held in Barcelona on 21 March, as a main dish in the Graphispag 2017, which will be held in the city of Barcelona from 21 to 24 March 2017.

Our company already had the opportunity to celebrate last year 2015 another ANUARIA Prize, specifically the last award was for our delicatessen products and in particular for our jars of jelly to give as a gift which on this occasion had the honor of being recognized and awarded in the Category of prize Anuaria to the Best Packaging 2015. These prizes as mentioned above are recognized in our country and in our neighboring Portugal as the prizes of graphic design with greater repercussion and important in the sector, are prizes that are not granted by any Administration nor a political sign but their jury is formed and represented by qualified professionals within the sector with great representation and influence in the framework of graphic design and creative and technical activity, as well as visual communications, advertising design, editorial , corporate identity, web design, typographic and display graphics and others.

Veredictas is the Spanish company specialized in the creation and development of so-called standards of excellence. Veredictas jury must determine what or who are excellent every year.

The jury of VEREDICTAS has recognized –in this new edition in which once again has awarded the best works– the added value and its differentiation with other competitors, the design, work, effort and illusion that have achieved the recognition of Excellence for the differentiating image once again as in the past year 2015 the recognition was for our attractive wrapping or packaging with more strength and branding, in this annual edition the recognition has fallen on both our website and the product store gourmet online.

Today we share with you all this new prize to our website and to our online delicatessen products store. From joy and excited again to receive such a distinction, and always from the thanks to all those who help us to achieve such achievements IsabelCabello – Cabelloxmure, and make all this possible.