This is how it all began:


A young Italian boy attentively watches his mother, Dª. Domenica Lo Russo, producing artisanal, bread, pizza, fresh pasta, tasty desserts, cakes, jams, marmalade and other kinds of homemade preserved food, as many other women of southern Italy used to do.

The young boy’s taste for natural, healthy and fresh products increases day by day and his interest for artisanal elaboration becomes his life-style.

Meanwhile, far away, in the deep south of Spain, daily, a young girl in her family´s warehouse watches how her father and her uncle (The Martínez Brothers) carry on the family tradition of packaging their own brand of sugar, beans, olive oil, etc., and sell them together with other foodstuffs to grocery stores in many villages of southern Spain.



During one of his jouneys to India, the young italian man, -now 40 years old- meets the young spanish girl and decides to visit her in her homeland.

Dazzled by the happy and cozy life of the south of Spain and wishing to give his life a new twist, he decides to leave behind his business in downtown Milan, in order to give it a chance to love, serenity, inspiration and direct contact with nature.

They both decide to go to live in a typical andalusian house that had originally been used as a bakery-grocery store by the maternal grandfather of the girl, and by grandmother Dª. Isabel Molina Sáez. She was much loved by all her neighbors because of her friendly and nice personality and had left a beautiful memory in her home town, Chercos.

Chercos is a small village, cozy and quiet, that had been founded in the 40s by the respected and admired Mr. Antonio Sáez (brother of the girl’s grandfather), heir of the antique Moorish village of Chercos Viejo, located in the Sierra de los Filabres, in the south border of the Valley of Almanzora, in the province of Almería (Andalusia, Spain).


The contact with the nature and the serenity of the new surroundings inspired the young couple (Oooh! We forgot to tell you that, obviously, in the meanwhile they had got married!) to start up a company, LoRUSSo in which they could set their skills free as they had always dreamed of.


At a very short distance of their house, together with the girl’s brother (who, enthusiastically and without delay joined the project as soon as he heard about it), they started renovating an ancient family laboratory, previously owned by Mr. Antonio Sáez Soriano, carpenter of the village and mayor of it in the 80’s.

Meanwhile an italian good friend of all of them (genoa origin), joined this wonderful project, perhaps with the main aim of eating for free as much jam as he wanted.


After the renovation works done at the carpentry, a lovely small artisanal laboratory came to life, aiming to witness the birth of very special products made with heart and art “HeArt Made Food”.

This is the enchanting story of Lorusso y Sáez, S.L.: Mixed combination of two Mediterranean cultures; both known worldwide for the traditional elaborations of artisanal high quality foodstuffs, and of four people united by the lovely dream to offer special products in which tradition merges with fresh, modern, and elegant innovation.

Good stories begin and end with thanksgivings.

We have been so fortunate to count on the help and collaboration of relatives, friends and professionals. We especially want to thank our dear friends Cris and Nana for their unconditional help and faith in this project. Many thanks to all of them.

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