Fifteen women with a true story to tell “Mujeres de Tierra” – Isabel Martínez Sáez co-founder of LoRUSSo Premium Artisan Jams

The multifaceted writer Araceli Sobrino Martínez (Laroya, 1962) presented yesterday at the Museum of Almeria, his latest book entitled “Mujeres de Tierra”(Women of Earth). Work in which the Almerian writer visibilizes the image and work of women whose vital linkage is directly linked to the land. And it is here that tells the story of one of the protagonists of LoRUSSo Artisan Jams Premium.

Professions that although at first and because they are very stereotyped possess a high component or a marked masculine character, they are developed in this case and carried out by women, and more specifically by women of Almería. In this way, what is the female presence that has a real labor reality behind all these professions or occupations.

Araceli Sobrino tells how to travel fifteen names of women as protagonists of fifteen stories, which as she calls them are stories of female empowerment linked to the rural enviroment, women all living in their small villages, rural areas away from the city, It is only the place of their roots, of these fifteen pioneers, highly creative as the author defines them, that in a decisive moment of their lives, not without ceasing to be accompanied by their most intimate and personal reasons, they decide to settle in These places or rural areas away from the city and become authentic entrepreneurs, authentic Women of Earth”.

Mermeladas artesanas LoRUSSo protagonistas del libro Mujeres de Tierra

As such is the lively case of Isabel Martínez – founder and partner of LoRUSSo Food Artisan Jams Premium -, leaving behind her frantic activity as an economist and consultant, decides one day to establish and establish their residence in which was always the locality of their Maternal grandparents and live in a typical Andalusian home. Main reason for which LoRUSSo is born.

From here, to thank our dear Araceli, for having made me part of this beautiful story, considering me an example of a rural working woman. Recognition that I would like to share with the rest of the 14 women who make up this book. Thank you so much for everything!

We encourage you to read it!