LoRUSSo Luxury Organic jams at the renowned “TASTE of LONDON” gastronomy festival

Our luxury organic jams visited the “TASTE OF LONDON 2017 gastronomty festival in London from the 14th to 18th of June, accompanied by a variety of products representing attending members of the Spanish Luxury association, Luxury Spain. 

One of the most influential and important gastronomy events in the world, the biannual festival brings together a choice selection of products from the UK and abroad, and serves as a meeting point for the most exclusive restaurants, world-renowned pubs, great culinary minds and major import/export distributors from across the globe.

Confituras Premium LoRUSSo en Taste of London

Nuestras mermeladas premium ecológicas en la Feria Taste of Lodon.

This year’s Taste of London 2017 took place among the lush greenery of north London’s fabulous Regent’s Park, one of the Royal parks of London. The affair was also attended by 55,000 journalists and press representatives, making it a unique opportunity to spread the word, and spread our luxury organic jams! Alongside industry-leading gourmet brands we showcased the quality of Spanish products, and of our premium preserves — as always, hand in hand with the support of the Spanish Luxury Association.

Confituras ecologicas LoRUSSO en la Feria de Londres "Taste of London 2017"

Mermeladas Lorusso Premium

This visit to the British capital represented four days of intensity and fruitful labor for us, and a unique opportunity to display our sweet and healthy luxury organic jams alongside some of the best the gastronomic world has to offer. Our luxury organic marmalades were back for another year and the guests who tried them couldn’t have been more pleased!

You can’t imagine how chuffed we were at the festival. We returned home grinning!