LoRUSSo Premium Handmade Jams Factory. Model of success. Renewal energies EcoInnoCámaras Programme 2015.

Our premium handmade jams factory was selected as a model of success by the European Union and the Spanish Chamber of Commerce through the EcoInnoCámaras 2015 Programme with the support of the European funds ERDF to finance innovative actions and investments of SMEs in the environmental and sustainable development field.

The Spanish Chamber of Commerce selected 12 enterprises throughout Spain (LoRUSSo being one of them) to present them as models of success among SMEs.

The ceremony held on December 1, 2015, in the headquarters in Madrid, paid tribute to visionary entrepreneurs of small and medium-sized businesses, who not being afraid of risk dare to invest in new and innovative solutions to improve their businesses, generate wealth and employment, and protect the environment.



Our company showed a video presenting the investments made in our factory concerning the implementation of energy efficiency measures in the production of handmade jams and that is why we proudly say that our gourmet artisan jams are made with clean energy.

Vídeo Lorusso y Sáez – Almería. Historia de éxito. InnoCámaras

Each and every testimony compiled in the book published by the Spanish Chamber of Commerce, including the testimony about LoRUSSo, demonstrates that the commitment for innovation is essential for any enterprise, no matter its size.

In our particular case, the funds we received were used to cover part of the amount needed to purchase a solar photovoltaic installation placed on the rooftop of our factory of handmade jams. We also used them to start up a cooling system that re-circulates the water through fan heaters to reduce water consumption, as well as to purchase a heat recovery system installed over the machinery, which leads to an important reduction of gas consumption.


Since 2007, around 16.000 small and medium-sized enterprises have participated in the InnoCamaras Programme, which provides SMEs with guidance, knowledge and awareness of innovative tools that improve the production processes, the services or the products. Five thousand of those SMEs have implemented innovative proposals thanks to the grants received through the European Regional Development Fund.

We are very pleased to have the recognition of the EU and of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce for being an company that is a “model of success”  with regard to the use and consumption of renewable energies. We are also pleased to participate in the InnoCamaras Programme 2015. Success Stories. A way to make Europe:
“Programme to support SMEs to gain knowledge on how innovation can improve their production processes, their services or their products”.