BIO SLOW JAMS LoRUSSo “Mermeladas delicatessen” in the Allard Club, Madrid

Our gourmet jams came together on the afternoon of Monday, March 6 as part of the select Luxury Spain Gourmet Club in the event that was organized at the Allard Club. At the event, the products that were part of the Luxury Spain Gourmet, quality seal were announced, merging theminto an elegant tasting menu prepared by María Marte, Executive Chef of the Allard Club, which currently boasts two Michelin stars and a Sol Repsol.

In the Maria Marte menu, she opted for three flavors of our gourmet jams delicatessen “Raspberry Kiss”, “Mystic Cotó”  and a touch of “Mirtillo Extravaganza”, for the elaboration of the plate petit fours (Lorusso Candies and Soul Cloud Teas rooibos and green tea), coming to create a fabulous and creative dish.

Delicatessen Delicacies LoRUSSo with Chef María Marte

Delicatessen delicacies LoRUSSo in the stoves of the Club Allard

The Allard Club, inaugurated in 1998 as a private club, stands as a unique gastronomic reference and very exclusive of the Madrid capital. With a highly innovative and avant-garde cuisine, in 2007 it obtained its first Michelin star, a decoration that elevates it to the highest category in the gastronomic sector, betting for the highest quality from its beginnings, achieving again in 2011 its second Michelin star. In 2014, under the new gastronomic direction of Chef María Marte they renewed their two Michelin stars and a Sol Repsol..

Delicatessen jams LoRUSSo in the tasting menu of Club Allard, Madrid.

According to Paco Sáez, our commercial and business director, “has been an enriching meeting in an incomparable setting, among professionals in the gastronomic communication sector, and members of Luxury Spain Gourmet, where we have had the opportunity to exchange opinions, and give Know our products of excellence”.

Delicatessen jams LoRUSSo and the Princess Beatriz of Orleans

With the Princess Beatriz of Orleans