A dream, a challenge, an ambition… Paideia & LoRUSSo Foundation Jam gift sets

From November 8 to December 24, 2016 the super stylish Paideia Christmas Shop, in the city of Torino (the Italian Detroit, home of the most important Italian automotive brands), opens its doors by choosing among other food products, our jam gift sets.

Until Christmas day, the public will be able to acquire as a Christmas gift our gourmet products along with the rest of the best products of Italian design.

Fundación Paideia & LoRUSSo

Fundación Paideia & Jam Gift Sets LoRUSSo

Since 1993 the Paideia Foundationhas been working every day to help children and families in difficulty by proposing interesting and innovative projects to protect children and the disabled. And our jam gift sets have seemed to them an ideal and innovative product: very appropriate as a beautiful and original “Christmas gift”.

The Paideia Foundation, with its 20 years of activity and experience, has now led to the creation in the city of Torino of the Paideia Center: A pole of excellence for the rehabilitation of children and, in addition, a socialization space for all families, In which its specialized services are integrated with cultural and entertainment proposals.

Paideia Center

For LoRUSSo, it is an honor to be able to contribute with our work, effort and satisfaction, collaborating with the Paideia Foundation, who has trusted us and thanks to which our gourmet products are shown again to the Italian public, this time in the City of Torino (historic headquarters of internationally distinguished luxury brands such as Lancia, Alfa Romeo and Maserati).

The Paideia Center is a challenge, a dream, an ambition. 

It represents the desire to respond to the demands of its geographical surroundings, developing something innovative, which did not yet exist … We have much in common, then!

The purpose of Paideia is to spread a new culture of childhood and the construction of a more committed and responsible society: A fact that unites us in a very profound way, because the purpose and ultimate goal of LoRUSSo is to produce… ¡ HeArt Made Food   for a   HeArt Made Society !