LoRUSSo artisan organic jams sponsor the IV edition of the “Premios Interiores 2018”

LoRUSSo artisan organic jams sponsor the IV edition of the “Premios Interiores 2018”, celebrated in The Westin Palace Hotel in Madrid.

Last Thursday 18th, the magazine “Interiores” and the Westin Palace Madrid Hotel awarded the best of each sector. Fashion, design, decoration, interior design, craftwork and sustainability took place in the exciting “IV PREMIOS INTERIORES 2018” gala, celebrated under the emblem “Handmade, made with the heart” (“Hecho a mano, hecho con el corazón”) where our artisan organic jams with their corporate slogan “HeArt made food” made it to the top, awarding winners with a goodie bag with products of our brand.

These awards were born with the aim of celebrating talent, creativity, effort and success of professionals in the design and interior design sector, both in Spain and outside our country. The award made it to their IV edition with the commitment to reward the best of the year: whether they are young creatives, renowned companies and designers, great masters or avant-garde, disruptive, innovative, sustainable or socially responsible products.

Many important personalities from the fashion, film, television, architecture, interior design and culture world attended the event, sharing the same goal: to celebrate talent and effort of the professionals of the sector, merging interior designers, decorators, fashion designers and manufacturers to create new and innovative creations. Raquel Sánchez Silva hosted the event, a night that was as fun as glamorous.

A good number of designers, communicator and «socialites» attended the event, including Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, Pascua Ortega, Elena Benarroch, the journalist Josemi Rodríguez Siero, Boris Izaguirre, Paloma Lago, Nuria March, Beatriz de Orleans, Begoña Trapote, Juncal Rivero, Roberto Brasero, Ramón Freixa, Pepe Leal, Erico Navazo, Miriam Alía, Carmen Lomana, Fiona Ferrer, Jean Porsche, as well as the president of “Grupo Planeta y Atresmedia”, José Creuheras.

Presenter Raquel Sanchez Silva at photocall of 4 edition of Interiores awards in Madrid on Thursday , 18 October 2018

The IV Edition of the “Premios Interiores 2018” was an opportunity to pay tribute to all the creators that turned the interior design into an imperishable fashion, as well as all the companies, designers and influencers that brought the decoration closer to the event.

The night started with a tasty welcome cocktail, where our artisan organic jams and our extra virgin olive oil could be savoured by the guests, along with other gourmet products from Luxury Spain Gourmet, of the “Asociación Española del Lujo”.

The craftwork sector goes beyond the idea of being an ability, talent, skill or technique, as it consists in a job that puts professional honour before any other remuneration. As the  “Premios Interiores 2018” proved, it is a contagious pride, where well known professionals from our design industry were awarded like Sargadelos (Best national trajectory award) or the Loewe Foundation (Best craftwork promotion award); great creative talents that are always at the leading edge, like the interior designer Lázaro Rosa-Violán (Best Interior Designer award), the architect Carlos Ferrater (Honorary award), the ceramist Yukiko Kitahara (Best Artisan of the year award); and companies that are changing the meanings of passion, luxury and success, like Parachilna (Best international trajectory award).

In the same way, products and companies that have been taking the concept of design a step further in pursuit of excellence were rewarded: Velux (Best avant-garde curtain award), Lo Monaco (Best rest system award), the Alvic Group (Best decorative lining award), Lorena Canals (Best artisan production award), Signus, Gems (Best custom design award), and the “Escuela Madrileña de Decoración” (Innovative training award).

It was a great pride for our brand to be part of this prestigious and modern event, and that they relied on our artisan organic jams.