Our Premium Artisan Jams LoRUSSo at the International Confectionery and Sweets Fair held in the Bavarian City of Cologne

LoRUSSo has been once again to a fair, and this time we have moved with our Premium artisan jams made by hand to the largest World Confectionery Fair (ISM) held in the fourth largest city in Germany, the city of Cologne, where the largest representatives of the sector have just met and where the largest international fair of sweets and snacks has been held.

The fair has been divided into six rooms, where suppliers meet every year and in each edition presenting and offering a great diversity of products, sweets, and snacks of all types, as well as new snack products, all in a total of more than 1,500 exhibitors from 70 different countries.

Artisan jams LoRUSSo at the Confectionery Fair, Cologne

Thus, our premium artisan jams – in their eight flavors and / or varieties – have shared prominence with the best confectionery and candy in the world, such as organic chocolates, snacks, cookies … composed only of natural ingredients as well as our products, one hundred percent natural, artisan and organic.

We want to consume pure and natural products Why add additives? We like the healthy, the craftsmanship, the authentic, what is made and processed with the hands of people.

LoRUSSo has been present at this meeting point where, like our company, all the participants in the sector, both small and large suppliers, multinational companies and investors have been gathered.

Artisan jams LoRUSSo in Cologne, GermanyLoRUSSo at the Confectionery Fair in Cologne, Germany

Place and / or meeting point where ideas are gathered, creations are provided to ensure the continuity of the sector, there are new features such as the different and sweet proposals to taste in this new 2017, a meeting that has also meant to become an observatory of trends in a sector with high capacity for innovation and originality.

After four intense days of chocolate, cereals, cookies, ready-to-taste snacks, fruit and vegetable snacks, chips, fruit candy, cheese-flavored popcorn and greek yogurt, breakfast items, tea and also ice cream, sorbets, yoghurts and of course our organic artisan jams, we returned from the German International Fair of Cologne as one of the sweetest experiences experienced by Lorussofood.