Artisan Jams & Deli products LoRUSSo in the Food & Hotel 2015 Shanghai

Our Deli products, handmade artisan jams, Olive oil spheres EVOO pearls, and EVOO oil “EVOO Golden Drop 200 ml” have been presented to the Asian professional public in the most important food and beverages fair of this continent, which took place on November 11 – 13, 2015 in the exhibition center “New International Expo Center” (SNIEC) located in the Pudong district in the Chinese city of Shanghai.



LoRUSSo participated with the collaboration of EXTENDA (Andalusian Agency of Foreign Promotion) and within the Spanish institutional pavilion of ICEX which, together with the Economic and Commercial Office of the Spanish Embassy in Shanghai, organized for the 14th year in a row the participation of our country in this important and can’t-miss event within the Asian food and agriculture panorama.

The professional Food & Hotel Shanghai fair is dedicated exclusively to foreign deli food products, a sector that keeps increasing in the Asian giant, mainly due to the increase in the income level of the Chinese average citizen and to his taste for the Western culture. The artisan jams and handmade deli products, for the confectionery sector is also steadily increasing, in a country where traditionally sweets and sugar are not as rooted as in the Western hemisphere; it is in this market niche where our artisan jams hope to succeed by offering a high quality product made of 80% pure fruit and with the modern and elegant image of a luxury jam.

This event is a unique opportunity for any SME that wants to promote its delicatessen products for the first time and wants to penetrate the Asian market, which we encourage to do as it was our own experience. It also is an opportunity for those SMEs that are already present in the market but need to consolidate business relationships with importers and/or suppliers in the Asian giant and in the neighboring markets.


The organizations for the promotion of foreign trade from Aragón, Andalucía, Castilla-La Mancha and the Comunidad Valenciana respectively – AREX, EXTENDA, IPEX and IVACE – coordinated the participation of the companies of their respective regions within the Spanish pavilion which was impressive as a whole, with a wide diversity and variety of gourmet food and beverages, showing an excellent picture of a high quality manufacturing country.       

The nine agro-alimentary Andalusian companies that participated in the exhibition area of EXTENDA which, in turn, was part of the Spanish pavilion, were from Almería (our company LoRUSSo and La Pedriza), Jaén (Aceites Vallejo, Soler Romero and Oleícola Alvarez), Málaga (D. Sancho Melero and Aceites Málaga) and Sevilla (Oleomonterreal and Oleoestepa).

Handmade gourmet jams

With regard to our sector of handmade gourmet jams, the tastes and habits of the Asian consumer in relation to those products is more aligned with the pairing of dishes than with the traditional Western breakfast we are more used to. The fact that our handcraft jams are 80% pure fruit, makes them ideal to use as topping on ice cream, deserts, cereals, yogurt, etc.; this was confirmed during the tasting sections and the professional discussions we had during the fair.


Spanish EVOO 

Furthermore, the use of Spanish EVOO oil (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) has made it increasingly recognizable and used by the Chinese upper-middle class, who appreciates and values the origin of the product and the tradition of Spain as a producer country, which, together with the healthy and nutritional characteristics of EVOO makes the product highly appreciated in the Chinese upper-middle class. Our EVOO oil spheres “EVOO pearls” offer also a new concept when using EVOO oil as a unique novel ingredient to go with different dishes and to enjoy new healthy cuisine.