Jam Makers


Every italian family has its own tomato sauce recipe (and they are all exquisite!). …And every spanish family has its own technique for making jams (all of them outstanding!).

After so many sweet experiments held by the help of experienced professionals, we have come to elaborate some recipes that really move us: because our exclusive jams are made with the same love and passion with which we face every single moment of our life.


Preserving the healthy qualities of the fruit is essential for LoRUSSo, because we will be the first ones who eat the jams: that’s why we only produce small quantities at a timen.

Our artisan elaboration process is very simple, it is timed to guarantee maximum quality, always under the direct supervision of Biagio so that all the sensations, experiences, flavours, aromas and textures are always sweetened by 2 main ingredients: “Love and Art”.

The first thing we do is to attentively examine each fruit, in order to be sure they are all of good quality; and then, as we like to eat jams carrying the real taste of the fruit, we use 800 grams of fruit for every kilogram of final product. Yes: what you read is right: 80% fruit!

Then we happily wait for the fruit to start boiling…and, as if we were adding all the sweetness of our heart, we pour sugar in the pan. What kind of sugar? Naturally the one we consider to be the best: organic cane sugar.

And after the appropriate cooking time (in order not to waste the nutrients, while adding the product all of our Love and Art), our jam is already made.

At the end, as quickly as possible, we bottle, close and pasteurize the product in the wonderful jars we have chosen for you (and that we suggest you to reuse again in your house, setting your fantasy free to invent the best ways).

An artisanal procedure of this kind permits us to give birth to a unique product, perfectly preserving all the organoleptic and nutritional features of the fruit, with the additional sweet advantage of enhancing its taste and flavour.

This is how “LoRUSSo HeArt Made Food. Extra Jams 80% Pure Fruit” are born!

But as we do know that the process of learning is never over, if by chance your grand mother’s personal recipe has a secret which could help us spoil your tongue even more…, please: send it to us as soon as possible!