Olive oil spheres

We offer you a whole array of totally new and original sensations in tasting Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Our Evoo pearls are a healthy modern idea of cooking and nourishing your palate.

By the culinary technique of encapsulation, and using 100% natural gelling agents made of high fibre seaweeds, we produce delicate small spherical pearls which intense flavor pops up inside your mouth; you will astonish!


Astonish and delight yourself with our Natural Pearls Delicate Experience!

Available in 115g/4,06oz

INGREDIENTS: Extra virgin olive oil, water, gelling agent: sodium alginate, stabilizer: calcium chloride.


HOW TO INDULGE IN THEM: Before opening the jar we suggest you to gently turn it over, in order to allow the pearls to release all their fragrance and aroma. As the membranes resist up to temperatures of 100ºC, you can add them to any dish in which you use raw olive oil (salads, sauces, creams, cold and hot soups…), our advice is however to enjoy them in dishes with smooth textures, so tha their taste will be enhanced. We do not suggest you use them for cooking, as the membranes covering the pearls might easily break during the heating process.

HOW TO STORE THEM: Keep them in a cool and dry place, away from sources of light, heat and odors. Once you open a jar, we recommend you to keep the pearls covered by their own olive oil.