Preparing Pearls

Like an elegant and sofisticated pearl is an wonderful jewel. Our pearls are a real luxury for your taste.

Enjoy the unique experience of the popping flavour of our extra virgin olive oil pearls.

Astonish and delight yourself with our Natural Pearls Delicate Experience!

The encapsulation procedure of our extra virgin olive oil is made cold pressed. The seaweed film covering the oil drops does not modifies the flavour of the product in any way nor alters the organoleptic properties of the olive oil. No cooking nor heating of the product takes place, in order to preserve the exquisite quality from which our EVOO (Extra Virgin Olive Oil) Pearls masterfully take birth.

We again suggest you to consume them setting your imagination free. They are delicious in any dish in which you normally use raw olive oil, such as salads, pasta, creams, cold and hot soups, sweet or salted crackers…

Our proposal: Mirtillo Extravaganza Jam toast with EVOO Pearls and a pinch of sea salt flakes. A great way to start the day with an extravagant and healthy breakfast.

Enjoy your meal!