Artisan Gourmet Jams and EVOO oil Lorusso present in the XXXI Edition of the Salon del Gourmets

LoRUSSo Artisan Gourmet Jams and EVOO oil has once again moved to one of the most important events in Europe dedicated to delicatessen products, where the best firms in the food industry meet – quality food and drinks -, which took place in the capital of Spain on 24, 25, 26 and 27 April 2017.

Our Bio Slow Jams and EVOO oil have been present in this edition, at the 31th International Fair Salon of the Gourmets Intentional Fair with double presence or double participation, specifically in the hall number eight of the Salon de Gourmets Fair under the brand Sabores Almería” with the H.E. Almería Provincial Council together with 33 other companies from the Almería province, representing and displaying the quality, diversity and innovation of Almeria products, counting the exhibitor space of the provincial institution with a large influx of public and visitors. We have also been present in Hall number four as members of the Spanish Luxury Association and under the Seal of Quality of the brand Luxury Spain Gourmet”, along with the rest of the 25 brands of Spanish gastronomy that encompass the best foods both inside and outside our borders, with equal success of visitors.

Aove LoRUSSo en el Salón del Gourmets 2017

This is how our artisan gourmet jams – in their eight flavors – and our EVOO oil have shared prominence with the best delicatessen products at an international level. Place and meeting point where ideas are collected, creations are provided to ensure the continuity of the sector, the latest developments are presented, as well as the different delicate proposals to be tasted in this new 2017. Distinguished meeting for professionals that has supposed to be observatory of trends in a sector with high values of excellence, quality, capacity for innovation and originality.

Mermeladas artesanas gourmet en la Feria Salón Gourmet Madrid

Bio Slow Jams LoRUSSo en el Salón del Gourmet 2017

It has been the city of Madrid, as in every edition, the place chosen and where they meet the largest representatives of the agri-food sector, where one of the most important International Fairs of Delicatesen products has been held. The Fair has been divided into five pavilions where different suppliers of delicatessen products have presented and offered a great diversity of products, as well as new delicatessen products and their different types and/or processes of innovation and/or manufacture and all of them in a total Of 1,630 exhibitors, which has resulted in figures about 40,000 different products exposed, of which a total of 1,300 have been presented in the section of novelties or products of new incorporation, as have been our gourmet artisan jams displayed in the display case New products, with an influx of more than 93,000 visitors, total turnover figures that have been a resounding success in this 31st International Fair of Food and Beverage Quality.

After four intense days of work we returned from the Salon de Gourmets very happy, an edition that in figures will be remembered as the year of the gastronomic success and that strengthen the world-wide success of the Fair of Madrid.