Our Luxury Organic Jams make the list of top 11 luxury trends in Diaro ABC’s exclusive Summum Magazine’

Our luxury organic jams were thrust into the spotlight by a trend-watching article in Diario ABC’s ‘Summum Magazine’ “Green Luxury, 11 Exclusive and Natural trends”.

The article highlighted LoRUSSo’s luxury organic marmalades for their exclusivity and our “slow and limited edition” approach to manufacturing. The traits of luxury and a respect for nature define LoRUSSo’s production process, which produces premium jams using only organic fruit, averaging 50-60 kilos of preserves per batch.

Our products are produced and presented with the same careful attention to detail in artisanal glass jars, made and detailed individually by our packaging team in LoRUSSo’s Almeria factory.

The names of our organic luxury marmalades are another unique detail setting them apart, raved Summum Magazine. LoRUSSo’s three marmalades — Lady Bitter Orange, Lady Orange and Imperial Mandarin have received three Gold, Silver and Bronze medals respectively in the renowned international Dalemain festival’s latest iteration, the 2017 World’s Original Marmalade awards. These took place in the United Kingdom this past March.

The complete text (in Spanish) of the Diario ABC’s Summum Magazine article on top 11 ‘Green Luxury’ trends can be accessed here.