Gourmet jams gift sets LoRUSSo in the foodie guide “I Love Bilbao”.


Today we received the deli foodie guide I love Bilbao!

Our gourmet jams gift sets have been published in the section “ Foodie Brands”. This new edition from I LOVE BILBAO, the Foodie Guide, is dedicated to celebrate the culture of enjoying food. A foodie is someone who is interested in food through different experiences: the origin, its preparation, recipes, tastes etc.

In this occasion, the Guide Foodie de Bilbao has immersed itself in bars, taverns, cocktail lounges, restaurants, from the most modern to the most traditional; as well as in its gourmet stores and some of the food brands that make this village and its nearby areas a reference for international cuisine, and where you can find our gourmet jams gift sets- LoRUSSo sweetness and design in every bite.


Mermeladas para regalo

In this guide, you can find a complete list of some of the most renowned restaurants of the city, recommendations from experts, the history that led its culinary reputation and many wonderful recipes of tapas and cocktails. A stroll through the aromas and flavours of Bilbao: the city that keeps reinventing itself to provide the best to the world.

Thank you for counting on us!