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Throughout the year we attend some events in which although it is not obligatory, the protocol dictates us to make a gift to the hosts. And in the same way, if we are in charge of organizing an event always tends to delight the attendees to receive a gift.

Giving is a habit on these occasions, and it is not for nothing, since whenever someone receives a gift something awakens inside. A feeling of gratitude, satisfaction, and at the same time of interest that makes any event a real success. From LoRUSSo, our dedication and the effort of a great team have allowed us to produce jams gift sets to give away that are perfect to achieve this objective.

Why choose our artisan jams gift sets?

At LoRUSSo we are committed to quality, innovation, and a completely handcrafted and healthy process. Today, we are proud to be able to claim that our delicatessen jams are an ideal product for consumption, because of its high nutritional value, its extraordinary flavor and a very careful presentation that makes them the ideal gift in all kinds of situations.

Artisan jams gift sets

Why choose our jams wedding favors?

On a special day such as a wedding, an event in family and friends gather to celebrate the union between two people who are deeply in love with each other, it is already a tradition that the hosts make a gift to the guests to thank them their attendance to an event that is so important for them.

It is in this context that our artisan jams gift sets as wedding favors turn into a perfect alternative, which always delights all kinds of guests. It is an original and daring gift, whose success is guaranteed. You want to know why? Well, keep reading!

Advantages of Jams Weddings Favors

The success of our artisan jams wedding favors is because the process of handcrafting that we carry out at LoRUSSo culminates with the creation of jam jars whose appearance is minimalist as well as attractive.

Inside, they contain a product that is made with 80% fruit of exquisite quality grown in the fields of Andalusia, which gives our marmalade an extraordinary flavor that makes it ideal for breakfasts, desserts, snacks and for all kind of dishes in which a sweet touch of jam is just what you need.

Therefore, when a guest takes home our artisan jams gift sets, he may at first believe that he has received a simple but attractive jar of marmalade as a wedding favor. But when he finally opens the jar, and tastes it, he discovers to his surprise that this simple gesture has opened a world of possibilities for his meals.

Christmas jams gift sets

Christmas is another of those times when family and friends get together and give each other presents. It is another perfect occasion to surprise with our jams gift sets, since many dishes and snacks of those who cook at these dates require a touch of sweetness and flavor that only a marmalade of exquisite quality is able to offer.

Discover our eight flavors, Locura di Fragole (strawberry), Mystic Cotó (peach), Mirtillo Extravaganza (cranberry), Amore e Mora (blackberry), Raspberry Kiss (raspberry), Mandarino Imperial (mandarin), Lady Orange (orange) y Lady Bitter Orange (bitter orange).

Christmas jams gift sets

Jams gift sets on any occasion

Hence our gourmet jams are not ideal just as a wedding favor, but for any occasion. A meeting of friends who have not seen each other for a long time, a family dinner where you want to impress with your culinary skills, a company event in which you want to make the guests a simple but ideal gift … the possibilities are almost infinite when we speak of a product whose quality and exquisiteness guarantees that you will never fail to choose us.

In fact, proof of this is that throughout our history since we started with the elaboration of our artisan jams we have been awarded with all kinds of awards, such as a Gold Medal, a Silver Medal and a Bronze Medal (as well as a special commemoration) for our jams at the Dalemain International Citrus Festival 2017 (the most important artisan jams competition in the world)..

The attractive and exquisite presentation of our jam gift sets has also been awarded in the ANUARIA 2015 Awards, in the category of Best Packaging, as well as the first international prize IPA Gold Awards in the category of Food “IPA prize to the packaging with more force of branding and design”. For this reason, you can be sure that not only thanks to its flavor, but also to its suggestive, original and differentiating image, our gourmet jams gift sets are ideal to give as a gift at any occasion.

What are you waiting for to try our artisan jams gift sets?