Our “Slow made” jam factory and gourmet products again at spanish journal “La Voz de Almería”

Spanish Journal “La Voz de Almería”, has made a sweet publication about our gourmet jam “Slow made” factory at the Business section, where it is described the “Sweet history of Chercos jam”.

It was at a remoted group of country houses with 300 inhabitants where an italian and a native from Almería quitted from their urban jobs and decided to create a jam and gourmet products factory, and basing their idea of business on the slow made philosophy, transform little quantities of fruit in a slow made and artisanal production process. At the bottom of Filabres Mountain Range, the main characters make with a lot of passion eight varieties of gourmet jam: blueberry, peach, strawberry, blackberry, raspberry, sweet orange, vitter orange and mandarin, in a return to the true life values and under the Slow Made philosophy… Is there anything more sweet than our gourmet jam products and our history?

Thanks to Manuel León for the interest shown in our company and for this sweet article. If you want to read it, just click here.