Lorusso Food ‘Slow’ company concept for gourmet products and jam gift sets

Our gourmet products and jam gift sets, as well as the philosophy and concept of business is protected under the approach and objective of “Slow Made Food”, what we made known in “Sabores Almería”. See article here.

For LoRUSSo a product should be “eaten with attention, especially valuing the quality and, with that, taking into account the origin of the raw materials and the way of elaborating them”.”.

We base our business concept on Slow made philosophy. Therefore, we only transform small quantities into each processing process, which varies between 50-60 kg depending on the product. We select only healthy fruits, purchased directly from small farmers who cultivate in a “truly ecological” way. In doing so, these productions do not harm the resources of the earth, but quite the contrary. We participate and apply regenerative farming techniques in our farm and safeguard the animal world, in order to contribute to the respect of nature and the environment that surrounds us. We elaborate with clean energies, using the natural resources (the sun) throughout the whole productive process, so that just as a fruit is born and grows thanks to the sun, this same “ingredient” is used in our factory to elaborate our gourmet products and jam gift sets

LoRUSSo has another primary purpose, that its production is socially respectful that provides a decent remuneration and working conditions in all stages of our production process, from the producer to the final consumer.

It has been a great satisfaction for us to be able to transmit all these values and our SLOW FOOD business philosophy in our province of Almeria. The gourmet gastronomic market “Sabores Almería”, located in La Plaza Vieja in the Almerian capital, became a showcase of healthy, high quality gourmet products produced in our province for 6 days (from December 3 to 8).