Spanish national magazine QUO mentions our artisanal jam

Under the title “Toma pan y unta”, the spanish national magazine QUO para Mentes Inquietas  mentions us inside the section “Pragmata Gourmet” in a full color article illustrated with our blackberry jam pot “Amore mora”, artisanal jam bio slow.

The article is focused on gourmet jams as a gastronomic growing trend. Mentioning the different types of jams, those that differ from others for being made by hand, just as we do it in LoRUSSO; homemade and with small quantities in each production process. With minor productions, and using exclusively natural ingredients, under the concept and the philosophy slow, no preserving nor colouring agents, and using renewable energies, aswell as seasonal fruit coming from local producers of Andalucía.

Everything that makes us quit from the idea of consuming it only for breakfast, or with bread and toasts, and enjoying a delicacy that is made only by healthy fruit. We can use jam as an ingredient for pairing, with which we can make ideal, succulent and tasty meals… converting jam into ingredients of the recipes always present in our kitchen.

Be one more in developing and performing this idea and… get the ball rolling, just as QUO suggests! Why should we not give it a try?

Publicación en la revista QUO mermeladas artesanas LoRUSSo