The Globetrotter who ended up making Luxury Jams.

Today in the regional newspaper, La Voz de Almería, under the interview section  “In the other side of Aqaba”, they interviewed our Business & Sales Manager Paco Sáez regarding our Deli Products and Luxury Jams.

“We live to accumulate emotions and experiences” – said Paco Sáez.

He left all his businesses behind and decided to take his bag pack and travel the world for years, as he lost himself in the path of prejudices. “It was a great experience for my inner growth” – he admits- He returned to Almeria, a town in Chercos, in order to create with his family the gourmet products “love brand” LoRUSSo, offering luxurious deli products and high-end delight luxury jams. They are distinguished by the high quality of the ingredients used in the artisanal preparation of their deli products, through clean and renewable energy. It is also very well known for its brand image and splendor packaging design.

Are you curious about reading the whole interview? Sorry its only in Spanish!! Hahahaha !! if so, please click here.